Faith to Shake a Nation

Change is coming! 
My time the past few weeks has been devoted to pondering the future. Recently I attended some meetings where God decided to illuminate to me a few words about His call on my life. All I can say is it is bigger than I first imagined.

I left my recent trip to Thailand unsettled about certain areas in my heart. While the things God did through me were great, I still felt a sense of smallness like there was still a lot more to be done in Thailand. But what exactly? All I could think about was Reinhard Bonnke. He had a vision when he was young about seeing Africa with Jesus’ bloodstain all over the continent. Today, that man has millions of people come to one crusade. The entire continent of Africa is being radically shifted because of the fire Bonnke caught onto. What if I caught a fire like he did? Moreover, Reinhard Bonnke preaches the same Gospel I do. So the results should be the same. Ultimately, if Reinhard Bonnke can see a bloodstained Africa then I can see a bloodstained Thailand!




After only being back in the states for a few days, I traveled to Dallas to attend some revival meetings with an evangelist from South Africa. He didn’t know who I was. As I sat in the front row, still completely jet-lagged from my return from overseas, the man pointed at me and then told me that I was going to shake Thailand with the power of God.

Those words have to be the biggest word over my life that I have ever received. I grew up engulfed in a sense of inferiority and even though that is gone from my life, there’s this part of my that just believes that is something too big for me. However, I have realized if it is too big for me, then the only person who can bring that to pass is God.

After dwelling on everything culminating up until this point, I’ve realized that shaking a nation takes a man devoted to God so much that nothing else matters. I’ve been watching a man from Nigeria named David Oyedepo who sure puts into perspective the subject of faith. In a video where he is speaking at a conference, he preaches on the subject of “Changed People Change the World.” God has been putting big things on my heart that regard changing nations. If I want to be a part of all that, then I need to go through a deeper change. The kind of change that changes nations. Reinhard Bonnke didn’t shake Africa by living a typical American Christian lifestyle; he lived a life so different from others around him that it changed a whole continent.

I have now traveled to Tampa, Florida where I will be staying for a few months. It is here that I am believing for a violent faith that touches me to my core so that I can answer the call God has on my life to help change the nations. I am seeking change here that will set the course for the rest of my life.

I will soon be joining an organization called Go To Nations based out of Jacksonville, Florida. They have a base in Thailand where I will be initiating my work among the nations. Before I leave for Thailand, however, I need to raise $2,000 in monthly support to enter the field by 2017. If you would like to partner with God’s vision over my life and Southeast Asia, you can now start sending monthly support and sowing seed into the future of Thailand. To do so, head over to and select ” – Missionary Michael Biggs” from the drop-down menu. You can make it a recurring gift by entering the amount you would like and clicking submit where the next page will have a box you can check for recurring payments.