Return to Thailand

When I landed in Thailand this past summer of 2015, my spirit resonated the moment I touched the ground. I knew I was coming back and I knew God was calling me to this area of the world. Something about it just excited me to no end and in the end, I knew that was God saying “Hey, this is where you’re meant to be.”

This next January I am returning to Thailand for a few months to attend field school there. The organization I am going to be studying under is Go To Nations through what is called the Timothy Internship Program. You can read all about the amazing opportunity they give here:

Even though raising funds for the summer trip was a stretch of faith, I had much more resources to work with and less money needed to be raised. This time around I need $3,000 by November 30th. I’ve already met the first deadline of $2,000 by October 30th, but time is running short. Situations like these are some of the most exciting times as I get to do what I do best, believe God for the impossible. However, money doesn’t come out of thin air (sometimes it might, if that’s how God wants it to be done). God uses people! Right now an organization that helps reached the unreached nations of the world is allowing me to use them for a covering for fundraising. You can use their website to donate towards my field school funds at and select ” – Missionary Michael Biggs” under the dropdown menu.

Helping fund missionaries is an essential part of the kingdom of God. I once heard a wise man say “God views those who donate to missions as if they actually go on that mission’s endeavor.” And God called us all to go and preach the Gospel! But missionaries wouldn’t be going anywhere if many of God’s people didn’t stay behind and help fund the missionaries going to other parts of the world. I want to encourage you to donate to some sort of missions-based outreaches no matter who it might be. And if you don’t know where to start, you can start here of course!