Headed to Asia

On Wednesday of this week I will be embarking on my next journey to the other side of the world. I will be gone for three weeks as I head to Malaysia, Thailand, and two other closed countries. I am going with Christ for the Nations Institute which has an amazing team of people that I am proud to bring the Good News with. We will be doing activities ranging from church services, children’s ministry, ministering to the tribal people of the area and… a day of jet skiing and the beach. The last one one will be pretty tough and I will need all your prayers for that day. (Kidding, of course!) I will, hopefully, be blogging what we do out there. Whatever great and amazing things God does over there, you can be sure to hear about it on here.

I would like to ask for your prayers while we are gone. Just like last time when I went to Trinidad, there are definitely existing feelings that I am not ready. But if I continue to live my life trying to be “prepared,” I will never be ready enough. I know God will do great and amazing things with the team as we bring the light of the Gospel to places that may have never heard it before. Your prayers for our team are just as important as us going out ourselves.

And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask anything in My name, I will do it. – John 14:13-14

I would ask for anyone reading this to ask God to do His will and not ours on this trip, to accomplish whatever His agenda is and not ours, and that His glory would be spread among the nations. I would ask for anyone reading this to take some time out to pray for the people being touched on this trip, and I have no doubt that when you do, someone’s life will be changed forever all because you had asked. You can help incredibly by taking a little time out and asking God to bring His children to Him. Even from your own house, thousands of miles away.

I thank you all who have followed me since day one. I am excited and believing God for some amazing things to happen while I’m on this trip. As long as I believe, lives will be changed for the glory of the Lord. I am walking today in more confidence than I’ve ever had and I am only going to continue to grow in the Lord as my dream of reaching the world continues to get bigger and bigger. Help make a difference from just the other side of the screen!