Gospel Crusade 2015

I was very privileged to be at Reinhard Bonnke’s Gospel Crusade in Houston, Texas. This was an experience definitely worth driving down for.

So I had come knowing that this event was going to be like no other, but I didn’t really know to what extent. Reinhard Bonnke came and pushed a message out on everyone there, arriving right at the core of their hearts. When Reinhard called, children came running to personally meet God. Many children found out who their real Father is.



As great as that all may sound, it didn’t stop there (as usual). God still had more things planned. Actually… He’s had them planned since His Son died on the cross. When Jesus gave his last dying breaths to belt out “It is finished!” on the cross, He definitely meant it was finished. If healing was for then, it is still available today and that’s exactly what happened. Daniel Kolenda took over for Reinhard to show people what exactly all came in the care-package of believing. “By His stripes we are healed,” Isaiah 53:5. The whole bottom section was decked out by people ready to receive all that God had bought for them – salvation and healing.



The best part was that Daniel Kolenda wanted to show that it wasn’t him that brought the healing and even explain in his words that he was not a “healing evangelist.” He had many other people come and pray for the sick, because all we have to do is believe. We can be healed by our own belief in His word, not by some specific person’s particular prayer. My sister who was on the prayer team, as she rightfully should be – being the amazing woman of God she is, prayed for people and got close-up pictures of what went down in front of the altar.


A woman being healed of her chest pain.

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 Commanding it to go in the name of Jesus!


 A man with tumors in his foot from cancer being prayed for.

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 He believed in the blood of Jesus for his healing!


Many people that night not only received God as their Father by believing in His son, Jesus, but also received what all God had bought when His Son died and rose again three days later. Person after person told the entire stadium how God had healed them of cancer, asthma, back pain, headaches, depression, etc… as Daniel Kolenda had them line up and declare what exactly God had healed them from.

Wow! I would’ve been happy just to see so many people find out their true identity in this world, but God had to take it a step further and show His heart even more. These children of God can now live a new life spiritually in God AND physically with a healed body.

Is there anything you are believing for?