On July 31st, 2014, I embarked on my first missions trip. I had no idea what I was suppose to do in Trinidad or even with my team for that matter; however, I knew I was suppose to just… go. So I did with the financial help of a handful of people who saw destiny in my life in God regarding missions. This was my first trip to a different continent on top of everything, so I had no idea what to expect whatsoever. I landed in Port of Spain, Trinidad as I flew from Houston and from there on we departed for our first destination, Mayaro.


We spent the first 5 days of our 15 day trip with the Alexander family and their church, Praise Sanctuary, where we did a VBS (Vacation Bible School) for the kids and morning and night services. Little did we know, however, that the main reason we were being sent to this specific place was God was preparing us for the last 10 days in Trinidad. God revealed to me here one of my primary purposes of this trip was to minister to people here through praying. I ended up finding myself praying passionately in front of many people while asking God for not just a headache to go away, but HUGE things that take a bold heart to even be able to ask for in front of anyone! This wasn’t anything I was expecting as I had never even really prayed for anyone regarding anything out loud. I mean, I had once or twice before but nothing like commanding a man’s body that couldn’t walk to align with what Jesus did on the cross. I also ended up finding myself preaching for the first time in a public setting, ever, with my testimony that talks about something I shared with only a few people in my life. Not what I was expecting at all. I grew so much as did everyone else on the trip as well.



Afterward we came to Penal, Trinidad to do crusades as well as doing a VBS again for the kids for the remaining 10 days. We were there with a church called Faith Evangel Tabernacle with Pastor Ramdial.


As God prepared me for Penal while I was in Mayaro, I had no idea I was going to come to back to USA with many stories to tell. As I stepped out boldly and got past my comfort zone all to ask God for the impossible, He met me there. All I had to do was take my step of faith and God was with me all the way. In the next coming weeks, I will be sharing stories from my experience at Trinidad.

When you confidently ask God for miracles putting faith in His ability and willingness to do so, He doesn’t hesitate.

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