Igniting the Ember

It’s been awhile since I have posted on here, however, near the beginning of the year I had an amazing encounter with God that I would like to share.

Shortly after the year ticked over to 2015, there was a conference being held at a ministry center nearby where I was staying in Cypress, Texas for the winter break. Matt Sorger, Georgian Banov, and Joan Hunter were all bringing in His presence. Georgian Banov held an incredible night – filled with joy no-doubt. Although with Matt Sorger, I had something happen that I did not expect at all. I did not come anticipating God to do anything really out of the ordinary for me that night. I love when God moves incredibly, just wasn’t expecting anything much. I had been irritated quite a bit prior to the service and I almost did not come at all. But I came regardless. And I am sure glad I did.

I get there, greet friends, find a seat, and do the usual until worship starts. Worship starts and I can definitely feel the presence there. Great songs were sung and I was enjoying worshipping Jesus and my Father. I am standing there, quite still, and suddenly I am overcome. Something came up from inside of me. It came up from my belly and moved its way upward. As it rose to my head, I heard God say, “New man!” It was like He was shouting, but yet still a whisper. It shook me and tears streamed down my face. I didn’t have to think about it at all. This was a conference about ushering us into the new year, 2015, and God tells me, “New man”? God definitely wants to transform my life this year.

So worship ends and I am just in an overwhelming peace and joy. I know this will be a marker in my life for sure. However, when I sit down I feel extremely odd. It felt as if I might be on drugs or something. Although I felt loopy, I was still 100% there. So I sat and Matt Sorger eventually came up to the pulpit. He spoke about this year and what God wants to do, but several times as he said things and released them out to the crowd, I could see them fly out and hit people! He mentioned once something like “And I release a double portion into the atmosphere!” and I could see things fly out from him and hit people who responded accordingly. This was very new to me and was quite the experience.

But it didn’t stop there!

After Matt was done with his message, he started to lay hands on people. He called out many to the front, all who were sick, and dealing with cancer or knew anyone who was dealing with cancer. As they came to the front, he prayed over some of them. Then I started seeing things again. I could see shapes of people, but with no detail. But on them I saw certain areas that were black. For instance, I saw a sort of silhouette of a person, but with their stomach/abdomen area covered in black. Then immediately, Matt called out over there mic that there was someone there who was dealing with pain in their abdominal area! I was astounded that I was seeing all of this as it really hasn’t happened before.

It still didn’t stop there.

Shortly thereafter, Matt again called out something. He said there were two people in the crowd who were trying to have children, but with no avail. As they went up, I stretched out my hand to pray for them personally. Overcome with the most unexpected wave of emotion, I started crying with compassion towards the people who went up. Suddenly I found myself seeing a leaf with a dew droplet on it. I have no idea what that means or why that showed up in my mind. but regardless, I knew I needed to pray for life. The only thing that came out of my mouth and could come out were the words “Life!” I would just shout it over and over again, still overcome with compassion.

The service ended not too long after and I sat there just taking in all that had happened that night, amazed at what I had experienced. I left quite pleased at what God had done that night. Even as much as I almost didn’t come, God still got me there and He moved more than I could’ve asked for. A couple of days passed by and I run the story over by my sister. Being a labor and delivery nurse, she proceeds to tell me something that surprised me. She told me that when a mother loses a baby at a hospital they place a picture of a leaf with a dew drop on her door as a marker that she has lost her baby. So I still do not know exactly why they would use the picture or anything related, all I know is there is a person out there who maybe had a child, lost it, and has been trying to have another child but maybe can’t. I don’t know the specifics. However, that person will see life this year. God would not do all of this just to make me see things even if he is showing me the kinds of abilities he will bring out of me this year. There is a person out there who may have lost a child or is maybe trying for a child, but whoever they are, they will have life soon if not already. God is more than faithful. I don’t know if they will ever read this, but I do know it doesn’t matter. God is giving them life.

I would’ve never anticipated God to move so suddenly like that as much as I really wasn’t expecting anything. He is changing me this year and I have seen immense improvement where I had not seen any before. A great man in the faith once put it like this… God’s word can be “like a gentle wind to a tiny ember that ignites a raging fire.” That is exactly what it is. With just two words, God blew on a tiny ember in my heart and a wildfire is emerging. I am not afraid anymore. I am seeing things greater than I ever have before. I am encountering Him more. I am growing more. God can speak two words and everything changes in an INSTANT. All in the blink of an eye.

What is God whispering to you that will transform your life in 2015?