Asia Impact Outreach

The summer of 2014 was an eventful one, particularly my first missions trip out of the country to Trinidad & Tobago. I am now fixing to head to my next one in the summer of 2015!

My time at Christ for the Nations has been quite the journey. From encounters to realizing my true calling in Him, it has been amazing. This is was all due to everyone who helped support me along the way. A big seed was sown and the reaping for everyone who supported me will be great no-doubt. However, I am in need of support again! This next summer I will be heading to 4 countries in a little less than a month. These countries are Thailand, Malaysia and two other undisclosed countries. Here below is a video about one of the missionaries we will be working with in Thailand, Ariel Acuna. He explains some of the things we will be encountering and the some of the work we will be doing.



I need to raise a total of $3,800 to be able to go. I need anyone willing to help support me on another trip God is bringing me on! All that is needed to be done is written out below. I appreciate every single one of you and thank you for all the support you are giving.

  1. Go to
    You will then see a form on a page regarding outreaches for CFNI.
  2. Type in Michael Biggs for the student first and last name.
  3. Type in 106824 for the ID number.
  4. Select “Asia Impact” on the dropdown menu next to “Which Outreach?”
  5. Write the amount you would like to send for support.
  6. Fill out the rest of the form and hit submit!

If you would like to give via check since the above method is for card only, you can contact me on Facebook or email/phone number which are provided below.


Every penny doesn’t go to just me, but it goes to help every single person, child, and soul we go to touch in the 4 countries we are traveling to. Help make a difference!